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96 Boulevard bessière

75017, PARIS


Assistant Technique et pédagogique

96 Boulevard bessière

75017, PARIS


from 2020-05-31 to 2020-11-29

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Théophile was graded 125

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Théophile was graded 125

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Ce projet consiste à créer de toutes pièces un shell complet, en reprenant le travail effectué sur votre 21sh. Un jeu minimum de fonctionnalités vous sont demandées, à partir duquel vous allez constuire votre propre shell abouti - en allant potentiellement jusqu'au job control et au shell script. Ce projet vous permet donc de voir ou revoir une très large palette des fonctionnalités UNIX (et POSIX) standard.


Introductory project to computer security in the specific field of the web, this project will have you dissect a vulnerable website. In doing so, you will develop your own approach to thinking about security in a web application and become aware of issues related to simple development errors, both from a programming and a design perspective.


The aim of this project is to get familiar with assembly language.


This subject follows Init where you have learn some of basics commands and first reflexes in system and network administration. This one will be a concrete example of the use of those commands and will let you start your own first web server.


This project is an introduction to computer security. Snow Crash will make you discover security in various sub-domains, with a developer-oriented approach. You will become familiar with several languages (ASM/perl/php…), develop a certain logic to understand unknown programs, and become aware of problems linked to simple programming errors